We got quite a response for this week's Caption This! photo. Mostly righteous indignation and blanket condemnation for alluding to America's voracious material appetite by way of a portly effigy...but some actual caption submissions were studded throughout as well!

For the record, before revealing our favorite fat joke—er—clever caption, we thought we'd put this little chart here for funsies.

Global BMI


Perhaps we should've focused our comedic efforts on Kuwait but apparently they're our allies or something, so we ended up deciding against it. Also, we didn't really know anything about Kuwait and they weren't in the picture anyways.

But enough rationalizing away the cruelty and mercilessness that fester in our cold, dark hearts. Let's announce a winner!

Murica Captioned

Some people don't take kindly to that sort of humor Jonathan. Fortunately for you, we are not among them. Congratulations on capturing the bravado and devil-may-care attitude that help make this great nation such a...great...nation.

Thank you to our other submitters, as well, for your smorgasbord of witticisms. Be sure to return on Monday for another heaping helping of Caption This!

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