The Octomom, Nadya Suleman, is one step closer to wearing Angelina Jolie as a skin suit with her new photo shoot for In Touch Magazine.

Nadya Suhlman, Octomom

In Touch

It makes sense that Octomom would want to do this, I mean, Angie is one of Hollywood's most legendary beauties, and shock therapy is expensive. But what's In Touch's excuse? Are they afraid they're going to run out of pregnant teens and virgin Bachelors? Or are they being held captive by a madwoman wielding her own child army?

We were curious to see the other side of this coin, so we enlisted Angelina Jolie for an Octomom-inspired photoshoot. What fun we had!


Using food stamps to buy family-size Gushers and anti-psychotics:

Angie Octomom1

Putting the kids to work in a jacket sweatshop:

Angie Octomom 3

Shaking what her Mama (and 3 Tijuana plastic surgeons) gave her and hoping the tuck holds:

Angie Octomom 2

Clearly, their lives are almost identical. Octomom might be slightly better off, because she doesn't have to sleep with that long-haired stoner.

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