Ray J fans—hey, Charles & Tasha!—will know that he's been rather quiet on the charts the last 5 years (by the way, if you google "Ray J Discography," you will hear your computer audibly laugh at you). And today we found out why: he's been working on a groundbreaking new single called "I Hit it First."

The song is an ode to an ex, but it's a complete mystery who the song is about! The lyrics allude to a woman who dates athletes and rappers, even someone named West... but the biggest clue is in the album cover. 

Kim Kardashian, I Hit it first, Ray Jay


Some people think the shot is a blurred photo of Kim Kardashian in a bikini. Okay, that's just crazy! Ray J denies it, and we believe him—why would he make such a shameless bid for attention after being irrelevant for so long? After some investigating, we discovered the song's real muse...and it's another one of Ray J's former love interests whose career he helped launch.

Zach G Ray J

Zachy G, you elusive temptress. Why must you pretend the sex tape didn't help you land your role in The Hangover?

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