The quarter finals are officially at a close and we're making our way to the semis. No more gentlemen's rules. The gloves are off.

Gif Madness Update 4-3

SASHAY SPLITTAY! has been crowned winner of the Reality division and is now up against BATTLE KITTY, from the Animal section.

Reality Gif - RuPaul

The only thing that could possibly make this better would be a strategically timed timpani drum hit.

Peace Cat Gif

"Go ahead and shoot them. Just do it after you wub my tummy."


Our other matchup for today's double-header is HOCKEY MIRACLE vs. PARKOUR MASTER. Supreme nimbleness or a lack thereof? The choice is yours.

Win Gif - Hockey Miracle

On and off the ice, he's just too quick for the competition.

Fail Gif - Chain Fall

"Good. Yes. ALL of the gum. Just as I planned."


Who will become the Highlander of GIFdom? No, seriously, we want to know. Go ahead and vote already.

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