The most recent tabulations are complete! BATTLE KITTY and PARKOUR MASTER emerge victorious from the Animal and Fail categories, respectively.

Soup Gif Madness Updated bracket 4-1

So, with the field narrowed even further, let's shore up the left side of the board, getting that much closer to the final showdown.

From the Win category, it's FAST HIGH FIVE vs. HOCKEY MIRACLE:

Win Gif - Fast High Five

Don't celebrate too soon, guy. As the old saying goes, it's not over till the fat lady does a double backflip on a dirtbike while simultaneously shooting off bottle rockets from the handlebars.

Win Gif - Hockey Miracle

The Nightcrawlers really are having an amazing season this year.

Battling it out for supremacy of the Reality bracket, it's BACHELOR SEDUCTION squaring off against SASHAY SPLITTAY!

Reality Gif - Bachelor

The fine line between confidence and desparation. Alright, the not-so-fine line.

Reality Gif - RuPaul

The fabled Express Tuck Maneuver.

Who will reign victorious? The fate of these digital moments in time and clearly, by extension, the fate of all civilization are now yours to decide. Choose wisely.

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