Psychologists say the best way to overcome a nightmare is to confront it. If you stand your ground, what was previously terrifying will become harmless and/or amusing. This strategy works in dreams and against Boggarts, so why not deploy it against a phantasmagoric Easter Bunny? Your comments provided ample ammunition.

Unfortunately, our favorite captions both went the opposite route, deepening our primal dread and adding yet another layer of scar tissue to our already battered psyches.

Happy Easter Choice

Congratulations Shawn! Your contribution was like the finest Himalayan Pink Salt, rubbed expertly into our open mind-wounds. Do you mind if we mention you by name to our therapists?

Also, a well-deserved Honorable Mention goes to Kelley Criss Wiman for invoking the mental image of Gary Busey in a bunny suit.

Busey Bunny

Thank you Kelley, for doing what needed to be done.

Thanks to all our other contributors as well! Take the weekend to mentally process this latest trauma, then get ready for an all-new Caption This! contest on Monday.

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