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Glenn Beck, seen above miming a big explosion, noticed an uncanny resemblance to President Obama in the casting of Satan for the History Channel's "The Bible" miniseries.

Glenn Beck - Obama's Bible Twin

Sure, it's hard to deny that they're both men, have dark skin and want to take our guns - but the President wouldn't be caught dead in a hoodie. We should also note, this isn't the first time Beck has seen the President's likeness in an evil villian.

Obama Look-a-Likes

Gustavo "Gus" Fring from Breaking Bad. As Glenn Beck eloquently points out, they've both attempted to bring down foreign drug cartels* and neither seem terribly concerned with border security.

*See Operation Fast and Furious** for the politically confused

**Operation Fast and Furious is not a movie staring Vin Diesel

Obama Look-a-Likes

Darth Vader. According to Beck, both these guys are cool with ordering unmanned drone strikes against enemy combatants.

Obama Look-a-Likes

And finally, Jafar. This one's pretty obvious - they're both bird lovers. ("And secret Muslims!!!!!" Glenn Beck shouts excitedly while jumping up and down on the hospital bed)

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