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5 Birthdays Worse than Bieber's

Worst Bdays Soup

How did you celebrate Justin Bieber's 19th birthday? It was a company-wide holiday here at E! (apologies to the news teams who had to work through it to cover Jennifer Lawrence's brown hair). And while you'd think being a 19-year-old millionaire buried up to his hairless chest in young vaginas would be enough for a dude, this particular birthday turned out to be decidedly subpar:

Worst Bdays Soup

Apparently some meanie-head bouncer at a "weak-ass" club wouldn't let in some of his underage invitees. Partying at a weak-ass club that won't let you break the law for your friends?! Can you even imagine anything worse??? Well, it took some digging, but we managed to find 5 people whose birthdays were worse than Bieber's. 

Worst Bdays Soup

5. Kirk Cameron 

Consider spending 10 minutes in the breakroom with the 2 coworkers who couldn't come up with excuses fast enough (shown above). Margie with the petty cash bought a Ralph's cake and 3.5 footlong subs, because you can't get a party sub when there ain't no party.


Worst Bdays Soup

4. Ingrid Bergman & Shakespeare

They both died on their birthdays, so, that sucks.


Rihanna, Chris Brown

3. Rihanna

She might have gotten engaged to Chris Brown on her most recent birthday. It's the gift that keeps on giving probable cause.


Worst Bdays Soup

2. All Jehovah's Witnesses

Their religious views restrict them from celebrating birthdays. Which is probably for the best, because it's hard to invite someone to your party when they don't answer the door.


Worst Bdays Soup

1. Anne Frank

Anne had a couple birthdays while in hiding from the Nazis, and we can be pretty sure they didn't live up to Bieb's standards. While a tiny pillow made of lint and a pet spider are pretty exciting gifts for a tween, the fact that no one spoke above a whisper for fear of imminent death kind of harshed the party's vibe. Although, as Justin's party-goers would point out, at least she didn't have to deal with parking in Hollywood!