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    Bieber and Wahlberg: Together at Last

    Mark Wahlberg and Justin Bieber have decided to join torsos by co-starring in a movie, scheduled to shoot in 2014. They just need to get together and figure out the logistics, since Justin has Pompadour Sculpting on Tuesdays, and Mark's still financially responsible for the Funky Bunch. In the meantime, here are some ideas we're sure they've been throwing around.

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    Thin Ice

    Lee O'Sullivan (Wahlberg), a Boston vest salesman, is enjoying his first vacation in Canada when everything goes horribly awry. He's arrested for running a red light - and per Canadian law, the judge sentences him to coach a struggling youth hockey team. Suddenly, Lee finds himself thrust into the world of violent hockey parents, down jackets, and strange Canadian pronunciations. But his biggest challenge is the team's bad boy captain, Mounty Bravo (Bieber), who reminds Lee of a young himself. Ultimately, through mutual understanding and a shared love for maple syrup, the two wind up learning from each other – and taking the Toronto Ehs all the way to the province finals!

    Bieber Wahlberg Posters

    Top & Bottom

    Kevin Bottom (Wahlberg), a sleep scientist, thought he'd landed the ideal roommate—a perfectly normal guy who sleeps on top. But unbeknownst to Bottom, Marvin Top (Bieber) is a wild, aspiring race car driver who hogs the bathroom, crunches loudly on Doritos…and longs for a big brother to call his own. Top finally has the heart to tell Bottom there's a reason he's been staying out all night--and it's not just because of the 24-hour paintball court down the street. Bottom has a serious snoring problem, and might need treatment. The unlikely duo embarks on a road trip, where Top confesses he was never really sponsored by Gatorade. Finally, they meet an unemployed genealogist who reveals who Bottom might truly be...once the sleep apnea mask comes off.

    Bieber Wahlberg Posters

    The Bodyguard 2

    Jostin (Bieber) needs help—jogging, slicing silk scarves in half with swords, and discerning fan mail typed in thirteen different fonts. After a passionate night of trust-falls, Jostin finally counts on Marco (Wahlberg) enough to leave his gated community. But what Jostin finds on the outside can't compete with what he discovers on the inside…that the guard he's letting down is actually his own.