1. baby

    Check Out The "American Sniper" Baby's Extremely Wooden Performance

  2. Recruitment

    Prepare to be recruited. Terribly.

  3. glitter

    Glitter Bomb Ruins Dad's Life Forever

  4. crispy

    Captain Crust & Soul Food Has This Commercial And Therefore They Have It All

  5. qvc

    QVC Science Experts: The Moon Is a Planet

  6. orico

    TBT: Leonardo di Caprio Fights Japanese People

  7. LizaMinnelliCaper

    We Accidently Made People Believe E! Called Lena Dunham Liza Minnelli

  8. Snow

    This Irish Guy Is Super Excited About Snow (But His Roommate Isn't)

  9. cake

    Two Videos Of People Getting Hurt By Desserts

  10. Naya Rivera

    Naya Rivera’s Guide To Various Ethnicities’ Silly Quirks

  11. CheckYourMap

    Always Check Your Map

  12. monster

    This Drunk Woman Keeps It Real At The Monster Truck Rally

  13. gamer

    Gamer Gets Rejected By Other Gamer On Video Game Live Stream

  14. papajohns

    Watch Papa John Make Online Pizza Ordering Look Awkward

  15. drunk toast

    Drunk Bridesmaid Toasts Are the Best Toasts

  16. snot reporter

    BREAKING NEWS: I Need a Tissue

  17. Justin Bieber, Calvin Klein

    Photoshop Contest: Justin Bieber In Calvin Klein

  18. paul

    Throwback Thursday: Folgers Coffee Truly Stirred Inside Paul Stanley

  19. Steve Ballmer

    Steve Ballmer Is Either Dancing to Fergie or Performing an Exorcism

  20. BidenSniff

    Watch Out. Joe Biden Wants To Sniff Your Daughter's Hair

  21. Kylie Jenner, Cosmopolitan

    Come Look Kids. Kylie Done Did Something To Her Lips!

  22. knives

    Apparently They're Teaching Knife-Throwing At Community College

  23. paul kanye

    10 Hot Facts About Breakout Star Paul McCartney

  24. DanceKid

    One Kid's Dance Move Has Already Defined Dance for 2015

  25. ny

    Throwback Thursday: "We Ruined The World"

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