1. Quiz

    The Day Facebook Was All Quizzes

  2. Rich Kids Social Bricks

    What We Think #RichKids of Beverly Hills Will Be Like

  3. soup - oscarthumb

    Meet The Oscar Committee That Nominated Bad Grandpa

  4. tbtsmoke

    Throwback Thursday: This is the Creepiest PSA Ever

  5. Justin Bieber

    After The Egging: What Police Found At Justin’s Mansion

  6. pirhurt

    The Price Is Right, the Pain Is Forever.

  7. CubsMascot

    The Cubs' New Mascot: Realistic Penis Edition

  8. Juan Pablo Galavis, The Bachelor

    Exotic Travel Abounds On "The Bachelor"

  9. soup - mainus

    An MMA Fighter Has a Name That Sounds Like “My Anus”

  10. minajestyshimajesty

    Nicki Minaj Has a Ridiculous Perfume Commercial

  11. Jacqueline Bisset, Winner, Golden Globe 2014

    We Have The First Draft Of Jacqueline Bisset's Golden Globes Speech

  12. golfvid

    This is How You Fall Through a Golf Shop

  13. Shia LaBeouf

    Shia LaBeouf Announces Retirement From Public Life And Other Things Nobody Cares About

  14. Stardom

    Stairway to Stardom: A Public-Access Masterpiece

  15. ttbabys

    Throwback Thursday: This is a Disturbing Ad for Body Lotion

  16. Emily Maynard, Ring

    From Bachelorette To Bride: The Great Loves Of Emily Maynard

  17. soup - skar thumb

    Photoshop Contest: Alexander Skarsgård Naked on a Toilet

  18. Juan Pablo Galavis, The Bachelor, Ali Fedotowsky

    Bachelor Mysteries Vol. 1: Daddy's DVD

  19. RodmanNoKo

    Dennis Rodman is in North Korea Losing His Got-Damn Mind

  20. Michael Bay, Samsung

    Michael Bay's CES Speech: The Transformers 3 of Speeches

  21. Rocc0, Madonna

    Just Kids Posin' with Booze. No Big.

  22. soup egg

    Casual Conversation Between a Talking Boat and Talking Eggs

  23. 2014exercise

    2014: The Year We Finally Defeat Fitness

  24. soup capitol

    Looking for Someone to Awkwardly Hand Over a Trophy? We Know a Guy.

  25. eagles

    This Eagles Fan is the Best Eagles Fan

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