1. superbowldrink

    The Soup-er Bowl Drinking Game That Will Definitely Kill You

  2. soup - b thumb

    Photoshop Contest: Justin Bieber Looking Pensive While Covering His Crotch

  3. Superbowl, Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks

    The Big Game Breakdown: This Is What Will Happen This Sunday

  4. Lawyer Commercial

    Hi, I'm *Sigh* Your Court-Appointed Attorney

  5. tbtss

    Throwback Thursday: Superbowl Shuffle Spin-offs (Rip-Offs)

  6. Madonna, Miley Cyrus

    Miley And Madonna: "We Can't Stop Not Shocking Anyone"

  7. soup - mitt thumb

    The Netflix Documentary "Mitt" Is Sexy as Hell

  8. JapaneseHomeRun

    Behold the Most Complicated Home Run Call of All Time

  9. trojan

    Trojan's Super Gross Dad Commercial

  10. MankiniJeopardy

    When In Doubt Say Mankini.

  11. yaskanye

    Yassss Kanye! Play One Single Note! Yassss!

  12. Sean Lowe, Catherine Lowe, The Bachelor, Catherine Giudici

    Bachelor Wedding, As Retold Through Images Of Shrek

  13. soup - wedding thumb

    You May Now Kiss The Series Of Bad Ideas

  14. Pharrell Williams, 56th GRAMMY Awards

    A Brief History of Pharrell's Giant-Ass Hat

  15. Kris Jenner

    Attention, Please: Kris Jenner Wants To Be On Broadway

  16. Soup Videobomber

    This News Report Needs More Air Guitar

  17. Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, Jackson

    Photoshop Contest: Sean Penn Shops

  18. CongressBieb

    Shut up, Congresswoman. Bieber is Happening.

  19. Olympic Ralph Lauren Uniforms, Today Show

    America's Olympic Sweater and The Great Muses of Ralph Lauren

  20. Blieblieber

    Best Reaction to Justin Bieber's Arrest

  21. JoustCommercial

    Throwback Thursday: Joust the Game vs. Joust the Drug Fueled Nightmare

  22. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

    Kim Et Kanye Presque Prendre Versailles

  23. THE BACHELOR, Juan Pablo Galavis

    Bachelor Contestants Teem With Insights

  24. Richard Sherman, Erin Andrews

    Don't You Ever Talk About Richard Sherman

  25. Quiz

    The Day Facebook Was All Quizzes

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