1. hnt1

    How NOT to Hide After Ruining Live TV

  2. soup - beetlejuice

    Protocol for What to Do When You Wake Up to Beetlejuice Sleeping in Your House

  3. UkraineDrummer

    Ultimate Street Drummer: The Drummening

  4. Kim Kardashian

    How To Prank A Kardashian

  5. soup - bike thumb

    The Mathematics of Hitting a Pedestrian with a Bicycle

  6. Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian: Charting New Territory

  7. soup - jelly bean

    The Story You Never Knew You Wanted To Hear About Jelly Beans

  8. RussianTurtles

    Russian Ninja Turtles Intro Translated

  9. blood3

    While You Were Taking Pictures Of The Blood Moon

  10. soup - drunk guy

    Video Perfectly Sums Up The Stupid Struggle of Mankind

  11. BadContestant

    Just Like Ken Jennings But With Wrong Answers

  12. Kim Kardashian, Elephant

    Photoshop Contest: Kim Kardashian Terrified of an Elephant

  13. Toothpaste

    Free Your Mind and Your Teeth Will Follow

  14. ReadingRainbow

    Ruff Ryders Roll (to the Library)

  15. Jennifer Lawrence, Martha Stewart Weddings

    As Seen In the Stars: Your WE!ekly Horoscope

  16. Mad Men

    Throwback Thursday: This Hit Us

  17. LSDPSA

    PSA - Don't Eat Hot Dogs. Also, Don't Do Drugs.

  18. soup - hammer thumb

    The Samsung S5’s Self-Defense Mechanism May Surprise You

  19. March Sadness

    The Soup's March Sadness: The Finals

  20. Telekinesis

    Oh, THIS Is What Telekinesis Is? We Had It All Wrong

  21. MrTMama

    71 Mama Salute

  22. March Sadness

    The Soup's March Sadness: Final Four

  23. Lindsay Lohan, Ellen Degeneres

    As Seen In The Stars: Your WE!ekly Horoscope

  24. TBT Subway

    Throwback Thursday: Brought To You By Delicious Subway® Subs!

  25. IndustrialDancers

    Hot Topic Dance Team

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