1. soup - mall

    This Mall Commercial Will Make You Hate Malls

  2. BootyConcert

    Booty Concert With A Shyamalan Twist

  3. Oxford Dictionary

    Everything Is Going Downhill, Thanks To The Oxford Dictionary

  4. ALSChallengeOops

    I ALS Challenge You To NOT Get A Concussion

  5. NaziChickenSandwich

    Nazi Chicken Sandwich Report: More Questions Than Answers

  6. Miley Cyrus, Bubba Sue The Pig, Instagram

    Congrats To Miley Cyrus On The Birth Of Her First Child

  7. alinea

    The Most Complicated Dessert In The World Will Almost Wow You

  8. lizard kid

    Snitches Get Stitches (Due To Injuries Sustained By Lizard Bites)

  9. SaveThePizzas

    What Would You Do?: Pizza Party Water Fight

  10. bath

    Floyd Mayweather Forces Someone To Wash The Rock Hard Terrain Of His Sculpted Body Every Single Day

  11. gs host

    Throwback Thursday: Oh God Why Was This Creepy Man Allowed on TV?

  12. apparently

    Apparently This Kid Is Apparently Some Sort Of Kid Apparently

  13. PartyGuy

    This Guy and His Amazing Beard Threw a Giant Party

  14. Leonardo DiCaprio

    Photoshop Contest: Karate Leo


    That One Time KTLA Aired A Commercial And Pretended It Was News

  16. sweet treat

    This Woman Needs Her Own Cooking Show

  17. Zac Efron

    Zac Efron & Bear Grylls 4-Eva

  18. TwoHeads

    Throwback Thursday: The Thing With Two Heads

  19. Sharknado 2

    Here’s What Happened In My Mind As I Watched Sharknado 2

  20. DMXScream

    DMX Was Also Terrified During His Space Jump

  21. soup - girl

    All of Your Existential Angst Summed Up By A Child

  22. soup - beardy thumb

    Photoshop Contest: Beardy Bieber

  23. The Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman

    It Couldn't Matter Less Whom The Bachelorette Chooses Tonight

  24. PhoneGuy

    Not Now, Phone. I'm Working.

  25. ScreamingSinger

    The Day The Music Died (Of A Heart Attack)

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