1. cat

    This Cat Attempts Speaking To Avoid Her Bath

  2. chicken club

    Throwback Thursday: You're Going to Need Some Drugs After This Anti-Drug PSA

  3. Utopia

    We Almost Saw Red Have Barn Sex On "Utopia"

  4. HowToMeetWomen

    How to Creep on Women With Your Creep Eyes By Creep Creepleberg

  5. PeeWeeFootball

    The World's Strongest Pee-Wee Football Banner

  6. ChinaRobotVO

    China: Robot Voice Over Pioneers

  7. ThreeBoobsLady

    That Lady Who Got A Third Boob Has One Regret

  8. beer scream

    Drunk Woman Drunks So Hard It’s Scary

  9. cannabis

    This News Reporter Quits Her Job In The Most Professional Way Possible

  10. drunk guy

    The Drunkest Drunk Who Ever Drunked

  11. iphone drop

    First iPhone 6 Ceremoniously Dropped On Ground

  12. drummer

    The Drummer This Church Hired Went A Little Crazy

  13. FratFall

    Welcome Freshmen...To The Grossest Moment Of This Dude's Life

  14. cheesecake

    Somebody Should Get Fired For Making This Cheesecake Factory Video

  15. dog

    We Found The Best Dog In The World

  16. Karaoke

    Karaoke Video Perfection

  17. LSU guy

    Let This Man Be Your Guide to an LSU Frat Brawl

  18. football thumb

    Cam Newton Repeats The Same Answer To A Question Over And Over And Over

  19. SamuraiCop

    Throwback Thursday - Samurai Cop

  20. baseball

    Baseball So Bad It Feels Choreographed

  21. KarateGirl

    Intense Karate Girl Is Intense

  22. vine thumb

    Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen’s First (And Predictably Weird) Vine

  23. iwatch thumb

    The Apple Watch Comes With So Many Exciting Bonus Features

  24. scooter

    Neighbors From Hell, Scooter From Heaven

  25. Kim Kardashian

    It Makes Perfect Sense That Kim Kardashian Was Voted "Woman Of The Year"

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