1. The Soup - Show Package Brick

    The Soup's Series Finale Airs Tonight: Look Back at the Show's Celeb Guests & Joel McHale's Memorable Moments With Spaghetti Cat

  2. The Soup - Show Package Brick

    The Soup Is Ending After 22 Years on E!

  3. Notorious B.I.G.

    Baby Refuses to Be Cool Unless Notorious B.I.G. Is Playing

  4. American Hogwarts

    American Hogwarts is Having Problems

  5. Joel McHale, Dale Earnhardt Jr., The Soup

    Joel McHale Jokes That He's Going to ''Screw Up'' The Soup's Live NASCAR Special Tonight: Watch Now!

  6. law

    Bryan Wilson, The Only Texas Law Hawk We Trust

  7. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    The Soup's NASCAR Special: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dale Earnhardt Jr.

  8. Soup NASCAR

    The Soup Is Going to Talladega!

  9. Justin Bieber, 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, VMA

    Justin Bieber's Naked Penis: Who's ''Not Impressed'' and Who Thinks It Was ''Fluffed Up and Ready''?! Watch Now

  10. Joel McHale, Dale Earnhardt Jr., The Soup

    See Behind-the-Scenes Pics From Joel McHale and Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Announcement Video for The Soup’s NASCAR Special!

  11. Joel McHale, ESPY Awards

    Joel McHale Hosting The Trevor Project’s 2015 TrevorLIVE Los Angeles: Get the Details!

  12. Joel McHale, Dale Earnhardt Jr., The Soup

    The Soup Invades NASCAR! Watch Joel McHale and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Announce Live Talladega Special in This Hilarious Viral Video

  13. Bong Guy

    What Not To Do With a Bong

  14. Iyanla Fix My Lou

    Iyanla: Fix Our Lou!

  15. tree

    Watch This Guy Mulch A Tree To Some Hot Jams

  16. FarahRant

    Farrah Abraham Is Super Pissed About Her Flip-Flops

  17. Lou COTW

    Submit Your Ideas For a New Clip of the Week Intro Starring Lou and We Might Make it! For Real!

  18. walmart

    This Walmart has a Morning Chant to the Tune of We Will Rock You…But It Won't

  19. old

    Allow These Two Grandmothers Shouting At Each Other to Brighten Your Day

  20. beat

    The Best Worst Beat Boxing You’ll Ever See

  21. aring

    Magic Ring > Idiot Boyfriend's Phone

  22. nazi

    Nutritionist Goes on TV and Talks About What Can Only Be Called “The Concentration Camp Diet”

  23. escalator

    Let This Drunk Guy On An Escalator Be Your Zen Fountain

  24. joel

    Joel McHale Takes Kelly Osbourne Down a Notch For Her Racist Donald Trump Comment

  25. pastor

    Pastor Compares Milk in Starbucks Lattes to Semen

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