There's only two months left until the premiere of E!'s new scripted series The Arrangement!

The upcoming 10-episode series premieres in March and follows the romance between movie star Kyle West (Josh Henderson) and budding actress Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista). In this new promo for the show, we see Kyle and Megan meet for the first time and embark on an epic romance that's interrupted suddenly when Megan is presented with a marriage contract, created by Kyle's best friend and leader of the Institute of the Higher Mind, Terence (Michael Vartan).

"This contract's about my reputation," Kyle tells Megan. "The people that are relying on me to be the actor that everybody has to have in their movie. If Kyle West gets humiliated, that is bad for business."

The Arrangement


We also see Terence become worried about Megan's influence on Kyle in the promo.

"Kyle's choices reflect on us," Terence says. "I don't want to clean up another trainwreck."

Watch the video above to see all of the romance, sex, fights & even accidents (!!) you can expect on The Arrangement!

Watch a brand new episode of The Arrangement Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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