MAR 11, 9PM
  1. Josh Henderson, Christine Evangelista, The Arrangement

    The Arrangement's Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista Talk Thanksgiving Plans (Who's Making 14 Sides?!)

  2. The Arrangement Season 2

    The Arrangement Season 2 First Look: Megan Tries on Wedding Dresses & Vows to Never Be "Powerless" Again

  3. Josh Henderson, Christine Evangelista

    ''Lights, Camera, Action!'' Josh Henderson & Christine Evangelista Take Fans Behind the Scenes of The Arrangement Season 2

  4. Christine Evangelista, Social Life Magazine

    The Arrangement's Christine Evangelista Covers Social Life Magazine: See the Gorgeous Pics!

  5. The Arrangement 110

    The Arrangement's Christine Evangelista Hints at What's to Come in Season 2 After That Jaw-Dropping Finale

  6. Christine Evangelista, The Arrangement, The Arrangement 110

    Megan Seeks Revenge on IHM During The Arrangement's Shocking Season Finale: "I'm Gonna Burn the Whole Thing Down"

  7. Michael Vartan, Lexa Doig, The Arrangement, The Arrangement 110

    The Arrangement's Deann Confronts the Man Blackmailing Megan: "I Will Put You in the Ground!"

  8. Christine Evangelista, The Arrangement, The Arrangement 110

    OMG! Megan Begins Treatment at the Institute on The Arrangement: "It's Gonna Blow Your Mind"

  9. The Arrangement 109

    The Arrangement Recap: Kyle West Proposes Right Before Megan Morrison Gets Blackmailed and Kidnapped for Killing Her Brother!

  10. The Arrangement - Upfronts

    Which Character From The Arrangement Are You? Take Our Personality Quiz to Find Out!

  11. The Arrangement 109

    Uh Oh! The Arrangement's Megan Morrison Is in Serious Trouble With the Institute for Committing "Criminal Fraud"

  12. The Arrangement 109, Megan Morrison, Kyle West

    Oops! The Arrangement's Megan Morrison Learns Kyle West's PR Team Is Spreading Tabloid Rumors About Their Relationship

  13. The Arrangement

    The Arrangement Betrayal Revealed: Megan Learns Her Best Friend Hope Leaked Her Nude Photos

  14. Josh Henderson, The Arrangement, The Arrangement 108

    Yikes! Kyle Is Furious After He Loses His Movie to Jeremy Renner on The Arrangement: "I'm Gonna Lose My S--t"

  15. The Arrangement

    Sorry Kyle! See Why Megan Is Shutting Down His Idea to Move in Together in This Clip From The Arrangement

  16. Josh Henderson, The Arrangement, The Arrangment 108

    Kyle Gets a Gun After Stalker Breaks Into His House on The Arrangement: "The Ultimate Target Was You"

  17. The Arrangement 107

    The Arrangement Recap: Kyle West Learns a Disturbing Secret From Megan Morrison's Past

  18. The Arrangement 107

    The Arrangement's Terence Anderson Hallucinates an Alternate Reality After Taking Psychedelic Mushrooms: Watch the Sneak Peek!

  19. The Arrangement 107

    Kyle West Threatens Terence Anderson for Forcing Him to Have Sex With a Detective in The Arrangement Sneak Peek

  20. Josh Henderson, Christine Evangelista, The Arrangement, The Arrangement 102, Style

    The Arrangement Renewed for Season 2! Kyle West and Megan Morrison's Dark Hollywood Love Story Continues at E!

  21. The Arrangement 107, Christine Evangelista

    Kyle West and Megan Morrison's Wedding Date Night Turns Sour as She Gets a Chilling Blast From the Past in The Arrangement Clip

  22. Christine Evangelista, Instagram

    The Arrangement Star Christine Evangelista Keeps Her Fitness Routine Balanced With Hiking Followed by In-N-Out Burger

  23. Josh Henderson, Tracy Waterhouse, The Arrangement, The Arrangement 106

    The Arrangement Sex Scandal! Kyle Agrees to Sleep With a Detective in Order to Protect the Institute on Shocking Episode

  24. Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Christine Evangelista

    Dancing With Justin Timberlake & Hiking With Ryan Gosling: The Arrangement's Christine Evangelista Reveals Her Dream Celeb Dates

  25. Christine Evangelista, Rowan Schlosberg, The Arrangement, The Arrangement 105

    Megan's Agent Accuses Her of Sleeping With Nate on The Arrangement: "Infidelity Is Breach"