Your average button down just became a major fashion statement.

Whether you're a trendsetter like Rihanna or a cool mom like Chrissy Teigen, there's a new way to style a white shirt, and Morgan Stewart is here to help. The fashion lover knows a thing or two about putting together an Insta-worthy outfit. And, although you may think that it takes a big budget to pull off some of her best looks (per Rich Kids of Beverly Hills), the influencer has a few style hacks up her sleeve to keep her followers guessing. 

Her secret for taking an outfit from basic to epic: transforming a classic button down. Thanks to celebs and our Tailored host, this garment has graduated from school and office attire to eye-catching clothing, perfect for any occasion. It's all in how you wear it.  

Find a new way to wear your button down in the video above! 

Once you've found a button down style to fit your look, pair it with cuffed jeans or wide leg pants for the perfect spring outfit! 

Happy styling! 

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