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    The 9 Rules You Must Follow When Going on a Girls' Trip—Boys, Wine and Lots of Clothes!

    On the #RichKids of Beverly Hills web exclusive, Morgan Stewart, Dorothy Wang and Roxy Sowlaty take on Hawaii!

    Yes, that means no boys, lots of tanning and lots of fun! No boys attendees is an obvious rule, but if you're planning your own girls' trip, here are the nine most important rules you need to know:

    Girls Trip

    9. No Boys

    Let's be clear. You cannot bring any boys on this trip with you, but there is no rule for the boys you may meet while on the trip. Those boys are fair game.

    Girls Trip

    8. Alcohol

    A girls' trip is the perfect time to totally let loose! Let yourself have that extra marg that you normally wouldn't have, because who knows when you will be having this much fun next?! And make sure you pack lots and lots of wine.

    Girls Trip

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    7. Good Playlist

    Whether your girls' trip is on the road or at the beach, you need your Taylor Swift , Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys playlist ready to jam out to! 

    Girls Trip

    6. Lots of Pics

    Unlike in everyday life, there is no such thing as too many pictures when on a girls' trip. You should be cautious of how many you Insta in a day, but take as many as you want! 

    Girls Trip

    5. Lots of Food

    This may be the most important part of the trip. Eat whatever you want! Go on a carb binge because the words "diet" or "calorie" are just simply not allowed.

    Girls Trip

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    4. Girls' Trip Secrecy Pact

    What happens on a girls' trip, stays on a girls' trip. 


    3. No Work Talk

    Is it okay if I just check my email? Is it okay if I just make one quick call? Is it okay if I pretend to listen to you talk but actually think about things I need to be doing at work? NO. 

    Girls Trip

    2. Hair Dryer

    Let's be real, hotel hair dryers totally suck. You have to bring your own to blow out your hair and pretend to look classy while you are having the worst hangover of your life. You want to be able to look in the mirror and know you look good. 

    Girls Trip

    1. Wardrobe Options

    When on a girls' trip, over packing isn't a word. You need to have an outfit ready for every situation. You cannot trust your weather app to be accurate, so there needs to be an array of options!

    Girls Trip

    Watch the video above to see their full fun-filled trip!

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