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#RK Recap, EP 203

The #RichKids of Beverly Hills truly have it all.

When Dorothy Wang and Roxy Sowlaty were in China, they had a rickshaw navigate them through the crowded shopping areas. So naturally Dorothy wants a bedazzled rickshaw to take them around Beverly Hills. Because, why not?

#RK Recap, EP 203

While the #RichKids shop with their Chanel bags in hand, sport Louboutin heels up and down Rodeo Drive and cruise around Beverly Hills' hottest shops in their Range Rovers, the only shoppping accessory we really need is this: 

Pile of Cash, Dollar Bills


Let's be real. The flip flops that they wear cost more than our entire outfit, times two.

Tune-in to an all-new #RichKids of Beverly Hills this Sunday at 10/9c on E!