Let's hope that Morgan Stewart packed her waterproof mascara!

During Morgan's launch party for her blog, boobsandloubs.com, Dorothy Wang calls Morgan to the front of the room.

Dorothy then surprises her BFF by delivering an emotional speech that brings several people to tears, including Morgan and her mother.

"We're happy that you're doing exactly what you wanted," Dorothy says. "And to be bigger and better."

#RichKids Clip

Morgan thanks everyone for coming, then teases her mom for crying, pointing out that it "isn't her wedding," but then she starts to tear up as well!

"I got really emotional because it was all very surreal," Morgan  reveals to the camera. "When I started the blog years ago because somebody was talking s--- about me online, I didn't think it was ever gonna amount to anything that was worth having a party for. So it's a big moment for me in my life."

Check out the clip above to see the sweet, emotional moment!

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