Jonny Drubel

Coming Out Matters

They're rich and in high demand, but they still manage to make time to help others.

Jonny Drubel from #RichKids of Beverly Hills is putting his fame to good use by promoting a great cause. He has signed on as the celebrity face for #ComingOutMatters, a campaign dedicated to empowering the LGBT community and increasing public support for equality under law.

Jonny is a singer, songwriter and openly gay cast member on the hit show #RichKids of Beverly Hills and shared his own personal coming out story in a touching video for the campaign's YouTube channel. He discussed working up the courage to come out to his three sisters and his parents. In an exclusive interview, Jonny told E! News, "Coming out can f-----g  suck and hoping this will help people."

#ComingOutMatters was created by the organization Students Moving America, which was founded in 2013 by two students who were inspired by the amount of student involvement in the 2012 presidential election.

The campaign is designed to be a social community that supports the coming out process by encouraging individuals to share their own personal coming out stories through various social media sites including Instagram, YouTube and Twitter using the hashtag #ComingOutMatters.

In his interview with E! News, Jonny said, "There's never been an online community like this and it's the first of its kind. I hope when people see these videos and community, they might think of someone or might know someone who is going through this issue and it will hopefully help them understand what they're going through."

#ComingOutMatters was launched on February 18, 2014 and has also partnered with equality organizations across the country.

In his video for #ComingOutMatters Jonny said, "Coming out to my family was one of the hardest yet most rewarding experiences of my life and I know that I have it relatively easy and I know that others have not. But this is why coming out matters."

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