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Happy Birthday Dorothy Wang! 12 Things We Love About the #RichKids of Beverly Hills Star

#RichKids 101 Recap

Happy Birthday, Dorothy Wang!

In just a short amount of time, we've fallen in love with the #RichKids of Beverly Hills star who has to be within a five-mile radius of Barneys at all times.

The self-proclaimed "funemployed" 26-year-old is keeping quiet on her birthday plans and what gifts she may receive. Perhaps new handbags, sunglasses or jewelry are in her future?

As we eagerly away the Instagram posts, we're sharing 12 things we absolutely love about Dorothy. Here's to a great, successful year!

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#RichKids 103 Recap

12) She can seriously shake it during champagne showers

#RichKids 103 Recap

11) Speaking in Spanish comes naturally

#RichKids of Beverly Hills, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Instagram

10) Only Dorothy can make Al Roker take a selfie

#RichKids 102 Recap

9) She loves Barneys…like seriously lovessss

#RichKids 102 Recap

8) Before buying a house, Dorothy checks the selfie lighting in every room

#RichKids 101 Recap

7) She has high career goals

#RichKids 102 Recap

6) Unlike Morgan Stewart, Dorothy actually smiles at strangers

#RichKids 101 Recap

5) She's not afraid to admit that she can look sassy #selfiesneverlie

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#RichKids 101 Recap

4) She often donates to important charities

#RichKids of Beverly Hills, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Instagram

3) You can count on Dorothy to be the life of the party but...

#RichKids 101 Recap

2) ...she won't crowd your favorite clubs on a Friday night

Dorothy Wang, Instagram Instagram

1) And last but not least, Dorothy is straight up #Fabuluxe!  Happy Birthday, girl!

Watch the #RichKids of Beverly Hills Sunday nights at 10/9c only on E! 

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