• Khloé Kardashian Odom

    Khloé Kardashian Odom

    The youngest of the Kardashian sisters, she was also the first to the altar when she married basketball star Lamar Odom in 2009 after a whirlwind 30–day courtship. Quick–witted, sharp–tongued and never one to hold back, Khloé tells it like it is. A business powerhouse, Khloé is the co–spokesperson (along with Kim) for diet product Quick Trim. She's also an avid and outspoken supporter of PETA and, of course, there's that little chain of clothing boutiques called DASH. Her biggest challenge? Balancing her work life with her personal life, which includes being a basketball wife, making her new home in Dallas with Lamar—plus dealing with her brother Rob, who's going to Texas with them. Talk about a crowded house!

  • Lamar Odom

    Lamar Odom

    Born and raised in the rough neighborhood of South Jamaica in Queens to a single mother, Lamar lost her to cancer when he was just 12. His grandmother stepped in to raise Lamar, and he credits her with making him the man he is today. Seeing basketball as his ticket to a better life, Lamar became a high school star with a college scholarship—only to see that slip away over an SAT scandal. Fortunately he received another college opportunity, and he was drafted to the Clippers a year later at 19. After being traded to the Miami Heat and playing on the 2004 U.S. Olympic team, he ended up back in L.A. with the Lakers, where he won three championships. With his own record label, a clothing line, a charity called Cathy's Kids plus a new team in Dallas, he and Khloé are definitely busy! But no matter how crazy things get, romance never takes a back seat.

  • Rob Kardashian

    Rob Kardashian

    The only son of the late attorney Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner, Rob's constantly trying to prove himself to his family—and the world. Having lost his dad at just 15, Rob grew up surrounded by strong women, and they never let him forget it. So when Khloé married Lamar, he was ecstatic to have another man in the family and they quickly forged a strong brother–in–law bond. Lamar and Rob share a fun–loving relationship and can often be found in the "man–cave" at Khloé and Lamar's house—where Rob also lives. Now, if he could just get his career off the ground…

  • Malika Haqq

    Malika Haqq

    Born and raised in California's San Fernando Valley, Malika has been one of Khloé's BFFs since they were teenagers. One of five children to a single mom, Malika and her twin sister studied acting at an early age. But when her sister eventually married and moved away, Malika struggled with forging her life as an individual. Khloé naturally became like a sister, as well as a best friend. The two support each other in every way, including Khloé trusting Malika with managing one of the DASH stores. Malika struggles with meaningful, lasting relationships with men, no doubt from growing up without a father figure. Speaking of men, what's up with her and Rob? Only time will tell.

  • Jamie Sangouthai

    Jamie Sangouthai

    Lamar and Jamie, his best bud since high school, have a lot in common, namely growing up without fathers and a passion for basketball. After high school, Jamie attended college and worked for GE and on Wall Street while Lamar hit the pros—but their friendship never waned. Eventually, Jamie came to the west coast to partner with Lamar on Rich Soil Records. In 2008, he narrowly escaped death due to colon cancer, and Lamar was at his side throughout his recovery. Jamie was the best man at Khloé and Lamar's wedding, and although Khloé, appreciates Jamie's tight friendship with Lamar, she's concerned that he might be taking advantage of her husband's generosity. Are her suspicions unfounded? Only time will tell.