There's never a quiet moment in the Kardashian household...especially before Mother's Day!

When Khloe Kardashian discovers that Kris Jenner has the thermostat set at 77 degrees, she literally loses her cool!

"Turn on the air conditioning and don't cuss at me," Kris yells at her daughter. "You're a crazy bitch, Khloé!"


Khloé also has another bone to pick with her mom—she's unhappy with the fact that Kris had her assistant email everyone about Mother's Day plans for a formal dinner with a personal chef.

"It's so impersonal," Khloé complains. "I don't want that to happen! Let your kids throw it for you; it's Mother's Day!"

Then Kendall Jenner suddenly interrupts the conversation by spitting water at her sister—and a water fight ensues!

Watch the deleted scene above to see all the chaotic drama unfold at the Kardashian household!

Tune-in to a special 90-minute Keeping Up With the Kardashians leading up to Kim's wedding on Sunday, Aug. 31 at 9/8c on E!

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