Kards 803

It's that time again! Time to go through this week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians minute by minute, because we have to wait like six more days for a new episode, so what else are we going to do?

 "This is so much fun, watching you guys eat the food." Aww, Rob Kardashian. You can hear the sadness in his voice. That's got to be against the Geneva Convention or something, making a person on a diet watch you eat fries.

 Bruce wants to own a gun because he was "Swatted" a while back. He's right to want to protect his home if only because his house is being shown on TV all the time, but as a reacting to Swatting? That's like wanting to buy a bazooka because someone asked you if your refrigerator was running.

 Evil laugh from Bruce

 This neck crack that Khloé Kardashian Odom just got was epic, and now I want to go to the chiropractor but also kinda don't

Kards 803

4:20 "I really don't want to be married while giving birth to our baby" is a great example of why you always need context with a quote.

"Those sunglasses are cute, did Kourtney buy those for you?" "Scott did." Phenomenal.

5:58 Kendall Jenner
 wore a cute little army jacket to go paintballing because Kendall is fabulous like that.

 Leah giggles with bloodthirsty glee as she annihilates her enemies in paintball.

 Raise your hand if you love these two:

Kards 803

All hands accounted for? Good.

 Wait, wait, did Scott Disick just say the most fair and rational thing yet about guns? That can't be right. Scott can't be the most mature person in the house.

EDIT: I just saw what he does later at the gun range and it turns out that no, Scott is not the most mature person in the house.

 Also, he does this:

Kards 803

Never change, Scott.

And now, seeing Kim Kardashian in tremendous pain at the doctor's office, people everywhere just said "I am never having kids."

 Bruce sheepishly whispering "I'm in gun school" into the phone is my new favorite thing.

 Can we talk about how straight up gangsta Rob looks at the shooting range?

 Wait, no, Scott getting kicked off the gun range is my new favorite thing.

 "The days of laying in bed and watching movies is coming to an end." Unless you really like watching Finding Nemo about 20 times a week.

32:17 "I'm gonna make a tape." "If you'd like to talk about gun control, skip to track 14." The Handsome strikes again! Who knew Brandon and Brody Jenner were hilarious?

 Dude, gun safes look complicated. I'm never owning a gun just because I don't want to assemble one of those things.

Tune in next Sunday at 9/8c for another all-new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E!

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