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    Married to Jonas Recap: Emergency Rooms, Car Accidents and Magazine Covers

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    Married To Jonas
    Married To Jonas E! Networks

    You know that thing where you're married to a famous person and have to be in the spotlight and people criticize how you look, dress, and act, because, well, that's what people do?

    No? No, not us either. But you know who understands that "thing" all too well? Danielle Jonas. And on this week's episode of Married to Jonas we watch as she and hubby Kevin Jonas are put front and center when they get an offer to be on the cover of Social Life magazine.

    Dani, never one to gun for the limelight, immediately tenses and says, "People say that I'm a gold digger and ugly, and it's hard."

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    Awww, Dani! Haters gonna hate, babe, but we still love you!

    And, thanks to the help of some movement training, her sister's encouragement and Kevin's support, the photographers end up loving her too. In fact, they love her so much that they want the adorable couple to host a Hamptons event to celebrate the launch of the cover. Totally exciting, right?!

    It's an amazing prospect for everyone but Dani, who isn't feeling too confident after seeing photos from the shoot.

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    While Dani mulls over the prospect of having to stand in front of hundreds of VIP guests, Kevin is off to co-host Live With Kelly! (Hey, just because his wifey isn't interested in fame doesn't mean our man can't have a piece of the action, right?)

    But things take a turn for the scary when Kevin gets a call from Dani. The cover girl is sideswiped and runs into a telephone poll—luckily, she escapes with only a bruised eye and shoulder, but the injuries mean no more fancy magazine launch party.

    Will Dani be able to come to terms with her married life in the spotlight or will this aversion continue to plague her?

    Tune in next week for an all new episode of Married to Jonas on Sunday at 10/9c to find out!

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    Here's our gallery of the cute couple out to dinner!



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