Married To Jonas Bios, Bucky Deleasa


Bucky Deleasa is Danielle's dad. Happy and headstrong, his family's welfare is always the top priority. Bucky has owned and run a successful Mechanical Contracting business for the past 37 years and is active in his community.

Married To Jonas Bios, Angela Deleasa


Angela Deleasa, Dani's mom, is sweet, soft-spoken and the proud mother of four. She's totally devoted to her family, and is the glue that holds them all together.

Married To Jonas Bios, Dina Deleasa


Dina Deleasa-Gonsar, Dani's eldest sister, has definitely inherited Bucky's outspoken personality. Dina is currently working in Special Education and is on track to receive a Masters degree in Counseling. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking for her family and friends.

Married To Jonas Bios, Brian Deleasa


Brian Gonsar, Dani's brother-in-law, grew up in Selinsgrove, PA. He's a Vice President and Executive Producer at an advertising agency, and has also produced several independent films.

Married To Jonas Bios, Katie Deleasa


Katie Deleasa is Dani's younger sister.

Married To Jonas Bios, Mikey Deleasa


Mikey Deleasa is a singer-songwriter and is teaming up with his megastar brother-in-law to help further his music career.

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