Coco, Ice-T, Halloween, Hurricane Sandy


As you probably already know (unless you've been avoiding any and all news for the past two days), Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast and brought some truly crazy weather. Since Ice T and Coco are right near the water in New Jersey, they got a front-row seat to one of the biggest storms in recent history.

So, naturally, they tweeted all about it! You didn't think that a hurricane was going to keep these two off of Twitter, did you?

There were pictures, costumes, a weather report video, and plenty of worrying about zombies. All in all, it seemed like a pretty good time. Here's the story of Ice and Coco's Sandy experience, via Twitter:

It started innocently enough, with Ice kicking back with a great view of the wind, clouds and rain outside. But then...

The cable went out! Ice could probably still play some Xbox anyway, so things were still good.

Coco showed off some pictures of the storm hitting New York, and it was clear that things were about to get pretty serious.

...not too serious for Coco to do some weather reporting from the balcony, though!

That was fun, but pretty soon...

...the power went out! Coco started worrying about zombies, but she wasn't the only one.

Ice made sure that he was geared up and prepared for the incoming zombie attack. Does anyone else think that this should be an action movie? Ice and Coco slaying zombies during a hurricane? Sounds pretty awesome.

The storm has passed, but it could be a while until the power goes back on. Looks like Ice will be keeping us updated occasionally on the zombie situation, so long as his phone battery is still alive!

We feel ya on the Hot Pockets, Ice. That's a shame.

Catch the fearless couple in less stormy times this Sunday, November 4 at 10/9c on an all-new episode of Ice Loves Coco!

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