If Sunday night's premiere of Ice Loves Coco left you wanting more, we have just the thing for you: a bonus clip from the episode!

When Coco wasn't busy stressing about her big fashion show in the season three premiere, she and Ice T were continuing to come up with ideas for their new home. We saw the two disagree over Ice's idea for the garage, but Ice got in a bit of trouble over something much smaller, too...a bathtub!

Ice probably should have known better than to go and pick out a bathtub without Coco's input, but he maintains that he's the only one who's going to use his "funky tub" anyway.

That prompted a conversation that had Ice citing his "old muscles" as the reason for his bathtime. We also got a new phrase out of it: "playing with my soap." We'll let you interpret that one as you see fit, but it sounds like Ice knows what's up.

Check out the clip and be sure to tune in next Sunday at 10/9c for more Ice Loves Coco!

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