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Ice Loves Coco: Everything You Need to Know Before the Season 3 Premiere!

Fri., Oct. 26, 2012 1:56 PM PDT by Andy Neuenschwander

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With just a couple of days left until the season three premiere of Ice Loves Coco, you might be finding yourself in one of two camps: either you've seen every episode thus far and you're counting down the minutes to the premiere, or you just joined in the fun more recently. Maybe you were drawn in by those adorable puppies. We won't judge.

If you missed out on any of the action over the first two seasons, don't stress; we can catch you up on everything in the world of Ice T and Coco so that you're ready to tune in on Sunday and join the fun!

Coco's stressed! Watch the teaser for the season three premiere

Here are five things you need to know:

Ice Loves Coco, Twit Pic Twitter

1.) Coco loves her dogs. No, she really, really loves her dogs. Spartacus and new addition Maximus (Sparty's puppy) are always being pampered by Coco, whether she's buying them toys and clothes or taking them to the doggie spa for a bulldog massage. Ice doesn't always agree about dressing dogs in outfits, but he knows it's Coco's world.

2.) Ice loves his video games. You might find Coco working or playing with the dogs while everyone's at home, but it's a good bet that you'll see Ice in front of the Xbox playing some Call of Duty. In fact, Ice incorporates the gamer lifestyle into his tweets, where you might learn something through the "Daily Game."

ILC house

3.) There's a new house on the horizon. Ice and Coco have been waiting patiently (well, sometimes impatiently) for construction on their new home to wrap up, but the last time they checked, it was far from finished.

Add in the custom car lifts that Ice wants in the garage, and this couple might be staying in their current place for a while yet. Will the new home be finished by the premiere?

Get to know Spartacus and Maximus

4.) Coco's a busy lady. She took over for Holly Madison in "Peepshow," she's endorsing fitness products, she's getting movie offers, and we'll get to see her very first fashion show for her new clothing line, Licious, during the premiere!

Luckily, Coco's doctor told her toward the end of season two that her blood pressure has improved and she's in good health, so she can handle the business world. But that also means she can now have babies...will our favorite couple be announcing a new baby sometime soon?

Ice Loves Coco, Twit Pic Twitter

5.) Ice really does love Coco, and Coco loves Ice right back. The real heart of the show is watching how these two can get through anything, just as long as they have each other. And Spartacus and Maximus, of course.

Tune in this Sunday, October 28 at 10/9c for the season three premiere of Ice Loves Coco, only on E!