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Ice Loves Coco Goes to the Races

Tue., Oct. 09, 2012 3:39 PM PDT by Paul Fiore

Ice Mario Tweets X4 ILC

The twitterverse was all abuzz over the weekend when Ice, Coco and Maximus all let slip that they were visiting with decorated racing legend Mario Andretti. We checked with our E! insiders and have confirmed their visit will be featured on an upcoming episode of Ice Loves Coco.

Ice Mario Tweets X4 ILC

All we can reveal at this point is Ice, Coco and at least Max all had dinner at the four-time Indy Car National Champion's home. We can only speculate, but we think this visit will be a chance for Ice-T and Mario to mix it up car buff to car buff. Do we smell a budding bromance?!

Ice shared this twitpic featuring an infamous family portrait, spanning two celebrity clans. The photo features Ice-T and his son, Ice Marrow posing with Mario Andretti and his grandson Marco Andretti, who is also a pro race car driver. But where was Coco?! Boys only we suppose.

Ice Mario Tweets X4 ILC

Tune in this season to watch this meeting of the minds rev up. Ice Loves Coco premieres October 28 at 10/9c.