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Coco’s Flirtweetious Tweets of the Week

Fri., Oct. 05, 2012 1:31 PM PDT by Paul Fiore

Coco's Flirtweetious Tweets of the Week

Visiting Coco's twitter page can often feel like a game of tweet-roulette, you never know what's going to dash out of that drop-down when you click "View Photo," but, hey, that's why we love her isn't it? She's an uninhibited free spirit that flaunts what she's got. We're talking mainly about her pair of bulldogs of course.

This week was a busy one for Mrs. T, starting with a stop by to The Wendy Williams Show.

Coco Tweets ILC X7


Then she went on to do…whatever this is….


Coco Tweets X2 ILC


She barely had time to work out and, when she eventually did, well we'll let her explain:

Coco Tweets ILC X7
Coco Tweets ILC X7


If she's anything like us, we assume Coco posed that question to Twitter in lieu of Google for fear of the image results.

Next the curvaceous model responded to a question she's asked often, despite being married to Ice-T for seven years.

Coco Tweets ILC X7


But amongst all the pulled butt muscles and public appearances, the standout tweet from this week has got to be this Spartacus recap, complete with an unshakable mental image.


Coco Tweets ILC X7


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