1. Hollywood Medium 214, Tyler Henry, Nancy Grace

    Hollywood Medium Recap: Nancy Grace Reveals How Her Late Fiancé Changed Her Life With Just One Dream

  2. Hollywood Medium 214, Nancy Grace

    Nancy Grace Recalls Fiancé's Tragic Murder in Heartbreaking Clip From Hollywood Medium

  3. Hollywood Medium 214, Johnny Weir

    Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry Gives Johnny Weir Good News About His Future Love Life After "Terrible Divorce"

  4. Hollywood Medium 214, Stassi Schroeder

    Tyler Henry Gives Stassi Schroeder a Message About Her Grandmother's Mysterious Death

  5. Kacey Musgraves, Tyler Henry, Hollywood Medium

    Kacey Musgraves Learns How Her Grandma Might Have Died During Must-See Hollywood Medium Reading With Tyler Henry

  6. Kacey Musgraves, Hollywood Medium, Hollywood Medium 213

    Watch Kacey Musgraves Tell Tyler Henry About Her Grandma's Mysterious Death: "I Wanna Know What Happened"

  7. Allison Janney, Ilana, Hollywood Medium, Hollywood Medium 213

    Allison Janney's Assistant Receives a Message From Her Late Sister in Heartbreaking Hollywood Medium Clip

  8. Lisa Vanderpump, Hollywood Medium, Hollywood Medium 213

    Lisa Vanderpump Cries as Tyler Henry Connects Her With Late Grandmother on Hollywood Medium: "Life Is So Short"

  9. Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Tyler Henry

    Tyler Henry Warns Khloe Kardashian About "Susceptibility" to Skin Cancer, Talks to Kylie Jenner About Unhealthy Relationship

  10. RuPaul, Hollywood Medium

    RuPaul Connects With Late Mom During Emotional Hollywood Medium Clip: "She Knew You Were a Star"

  11. Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Robert Kardashian

    Tyler Henry Tells Khloe Kardashian That Dad Robert Kardashian "Timed" His Death So Family Wouldn't Be There to See Him Pass

  12. Elisha Cuthbert, Hollywood Medium

    Elisha Cuthbert Tears Up When Tyler Henry Connects Her With Late Grandmother: "This Is Amazing"

  13. Janice Dickinson, Hollywood Medium

    Hollywood Medium Recap: Janice Dickinson Learns She's "Completely Fine" After Battling Breast Cancer

  14. John Belushi, Janice Dickinson, Hollywood Medium

    Watch Tyler Henry Connect Janice Dickinson to Her Beloved Friend John Belushi 35 Years After His Death

  15. Tyler Henry, Hollywood Medium

    OMG! Watch Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry React to His Mom's Mortifying Underwear Story: "You Could See Her Butt"

  16. Marlee Matlin, Hollywood Medium

    Marlee Matlin Seeks Tyler Henry's Help to Find Out How She Became Deaf in This Incredible Hollywood Medium Clip!

  17. Alan Thicke, Tyler Henry

    Tyler Henry Urges Alan Thicke to "See a Doctor" on Emotional Hollywood Medium Episode Filmed 3 Months Before His Death

  18. Nico Tortorella, Hollywood Medium

    Younger Star Nico Tortorella Tears Up When Tyler Henry Connects Him to Late Grandfather: Watch the Emotional Clip!

  19. Coco, Hollywood Medium

    Tyler Henry Connects Coco to Her Late Grandmother, Who Makes a Joke About Her "Sexual" 2011 Song "Shoe Freak"

  20. Alan Thicke, Tyler Henry

    Watch Tyler Henry Warn Alan Thicke About His Heart Months Before His Death: "I Have to Talk About Health"

  21. T-Boz, Lisa Left Eye Lopes, Hollywood Medium

    T-Boz Breaks Down in Tears as Tyler Henry Tells Her Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes "Watched Over" Her Son's High-Risk Birth

  22. Mel B, Hollywood Medium

    Mel B Gets Choked Up When Tyler Henry Connects Her to Late Grandfather During Emotional Reading: Watch!

  23. T-Boz, Lisa Left Eye Lopes, Hollywood Medium

    Tyler Henry Connects T-Boz With the Late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes on Hollywood Medium: "That's Lisa!"

  24. Alan Thicke, Tanya Callau

    Alan Thicke's Widow Tanya Says They Were Planning on Having a Child Before His Death: ''We Were Starting to Build a Baby Nursery''

  25. Jana Kramer

    Jana Kramer's Friend Is Shocked When Tyler Henry Connects to Her Late Mom During Reading: Watch the Jaw-Dropping Clip!

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Hollywood Medium 214, Tyler Henry, Nancy Grace