These ladies are lunching and learning the ropes.

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett connects with Hollywood & Football wives Sabrina Britt, Asia Saffold and Danielle Kendricks to offer tips on surviving their new city in this clip from Wednesday's all-new episode.

"I invited my fun, new neighbor Kendra to lunch today so she could meet Asia and Danielle," Sabrina explains. "She's a football wife, a California native and she likes to drink before noon, so I'm pretty sure we'll all get along pretty well."

The L.A. newbies are eager to learn about the reality star's lifestyle in the spotlight.

"How many red carpets have you done in your lifetime?" Danielle asks Kendra.

"A thousand? I don't know," she responds. "I'm just guessing. I'm just throwing out a number!"

The women then ask Kendra if she could teach them how to pose. "We've been to some events and we're always like, 'What is our angle?'" Sabrina says. "What is the best way to have our arms?"

"The whole hand on the hip used to be in," Kendra says before standing up to demonstrate. "It looks good when you're kind of just effortless, even doing like a stupid, fake laugh."

She adds, "I will be your L.A. guide."

"Kendra's advice is on point," Asia acknowledges. "The paparazzi are going to love us!"

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