When it comes to entertainment news, it's hard for Ross Mathews to keep quiet.

As a self-proclaimed "pop culture junkie," the host of Hello Ross is the ultimate fan who always wants to join in on the conversation.

So it comes as no surprise to us that when Oprah Winfrey celebrated her birthday, Ross had to deliver his own unique message.

"Oh wow! Oprah turned 60 today," he tells his enthusiastic staff. "You know what that means…senior discount!"  Yes, spirit fingers are included. 

That's only a taste of Ross' sense of humor.

The best-selling author also added his hilarious two-cents to the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl win and Mötley Crüe breaking up for good.

"I'd be way more sad if J. Crew broke up," Ross explains in another must-see Instagram post. "I'm not so much heavy metal. I'm more light-weight cardigan."

That's why we love you, Ross.

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