Giuliana & Bill found its new home on E! last night, and we couldn't be more excited!

The season six premiere episode was a big one, with Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic busier than ever. They found themselves balancing their work with their new responsibilities as parents, and to top it all off Bill decided it was time to get his dream home in Chicago!

Here are our five favorite moments from the episode!

1. Bill's "Mommy & Me" Experience

When Giuliana's fitness photo shoot ran long, Bill had to step in and take over the parental duties. The only problem was that the parental duties for the day included a "Mommy & Me" class!

Duke Rancic was having a great time during a round of "If You're Happy and You Know It," judging by his reaction:

Giuliana & Bill

But Bill was enjoying it a little less...

Giuliana & Bill


2. The Grandma-Off

Both Bill's and Giuliana's mothers came into town to help take care of Duke, since the new parents were barely getting any sleep. But having your mom in town always means that she's going to judge you for your parenting, at least a little!

Mama Rancic and Mama DePandi get along great, but sometimes G's very Italian mother has quite the accent. We loved this hilarious moment that had Bill's mom flummoxed! 


3. Giuliana's Break-Dancing

Giuliana & Bill

No words. Too amazing.


4. Giuliana Chats with Kristin Cavalleri

We love The Hills. We love Giuliana & Bill. So when the two collide, magic happens.


5. Giuliana and Bill Get Their Dream Home

It seems like G&B just settled into their Los Angeles home, but Bill got a call from his realtor that the perfect home just opened up in Chicago. Bill jumped at the opportunity, and even planned out the layout before Giuliana even saw the place!

But Bill won G over when he explained perhaps the most important change to the home...converting the attic into an entire closet!

Giuliana & Bill


Our Favorite Quotes

"Just like his daddy. You feed him and he's happy."

"It's a grandma battle royale."
"A grandma-off!"

"We can borrow Ryan's tux! We can get you a Seacrest tux!"

Tune in next Tuesday at 10/9c for another episode of Giuliana & Bill on E!

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