Looks like Madonna needs to change her nickname to the "way-too-much Material Girl." The original pop diva was spotted off the coast of Spain wearing what can only be described as a South Carolina debutante dress in 1980s New York animal print.

Why the giant hat? Why the long-sleeved white shirt? Why, oh why, the Adidas sneakers? We could see the "Messiah" singer rocking this sun protection style alone in her living room, but she's out in the open surrounded by half a dozen men. Is she "over it" to the point of a total fashion fail?

We support keeping that gorgeous peaches-and-cream skin healthy with some fabric-based sunblock, but this is taking things way too far.

It might work without the undershirt because that V-neck front is chic. It could be cute with a different hat because that double black-and-white pattern is a disaster. Sandals vs. sneaks would vastly improve the situation.

But bottom line: If the sun is that much of an issue, stay inside.

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