Joanne Froggatt

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

We're sorry we had to use one of the world's most disgusting verbs to describe this Stella McCartney style, but we blame Joanne Froggatt. The British beauty went from being our favorite Downton Abbey character (sorry, Mrs. Patmore, but you're obviously a close second) to our most disappointingly dressed star to date!

Who in their right mind wears a frock with a giant squiggle of tartar control paste strewn across the chest?

Take that stream of cream away and this look still doesn't have much to offer. The black-and-white pattern is a little dizzying and the boring tank shape could be far more interesting. Sexy sandals do a tiny bit to save the look, but some color or bling would do even more.

Here's hoping "Mistah Bates" doesn't come after us for dissing his wifethough even he would probably agree that this was a major swing and miss!

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