Liv Tyler, Blake Lively


We're not shocked that the overalls trend remains strong this summer, but we didn't think we'd see another formal version of the double-strapped style. The whole point of 'ralls is that they're not dressy. They're the look you wear with day-old hair and dirty Converse on the way to grab coffee up the block.

Apparently Liv Tyler and Blake Lively feel otherwise. Or maybe the Gossip Girl alum feels otherwise and The Leftovers star is just trying to be more like Blake Lively? If so, we totally get it.

With this non-fancy fancy choice, the brunette beauty took a different style approach than the blonde bombshell. Liv's black t-shirt and sandal combo turns this into goth farmer chic, so to speak. The Age of Adaline star went for more of a mime-running-errands approach thanks to the striped shirt and lace-up Oxfords.

So from where we stand, the HBO star has some learning to do from Blake's lighter, brighter approach. Or she could just steer clear of awkward black overalls entirely. What's your take?

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Liv Tyler vs. Blake Lively
Who wore her black 'ralls best?
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