Rita Ora

Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images

On a positive note, Rita Ora is fully clothed and not in 1,000 shades of neon. We're just not sure this all-black ensemble is the right alternative.

There's something very mod-sophisticated about the high neckline and long skirt, and combined with colorful locks it makes a major statement. We just feel that the "I Will Never Let You Down" singer would make a better statement if the look was different in a few significant ways.

Starting with the top: A high neck is fine, but why such a baggy shape? At the very least, let's see that rumpled fabric tucked into the delicate skirt so we can see the actual shape of Rita's body.

Next is the color combo. There's nothing technically wrong with black-on-black, but it would have more pop with an accessory aside from the hair. And we like the long tutu look, but a more delicate sandal versus this pointy pump would look better.

So apparently this isn't better than Rita Ora in a skin tight neon getupin our opinion at least. What's your take?

Rita Ora's Scuba Ballerina
What's your say on Rita's scuba ballerina gear?
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