NOV. 27, 8PM
Angelina Jolie

Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

We knew Angelina Jolie's latest look was too good to stick. It feels like every fifth or so style she wears is form-fitting and sexy, while the rest of the lot is fit for a suburban woman.

Is the Unbroken director even wearing a dress or is this just a giant black bed sheet wrapped around a few times? Harsh, we know, especially since this frock is probably a high fashion piece, but we love when this fit beauty flaunts her classic curves and doesn't hide them behind a bunch of fake wrinkles.

Angelina Jolie

AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi

What would improve this look? A belt might help give Brad Pitt's partner some actual shape. This shapeless shape under-defines the waist and over-defines the shoulders. A statement necklace or drop earring might also distract from all that darkness. We'd even feel less depressed if Angie's shoes had a second color included. 

But as it stands, this style is way too understated for a major movie star. We get that this talent is all about the work, but can't she have a little fun along the way?

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