Jennifer Lopez

Santi/Splash News

It's like Jennifer Lopez took a time machine directly back to "the block" and grabbed this getup out of her high school closet. We're guessing it was somewhere near the back with the rest of the clothes reserved for Club Kid parties and Halloween costume contests. Unless this striped insanity by Emanuel Ungaro was part of the "Live It Up" singer's original performance look?

Before she settled on "Jenny from the Block" was she "JBuzz the Stinging Sensation?" (#sorrynotsorry) We would give anything to see a home video featuring that version of the American Idol judge.

But since we're in the here and now, we'll comment on the skirt and top combo as is, in all it's bumblebee-themed glory.

We can't explain this nor do we really understand it ourselves, but we are obsessed. We love it. The perforated leather detailing, the prison-style stripes, even those awkward boob pockets. J.Lo's body looks as hot as ever, but something about this bold choice gives off an even sexier vibe than the mini dresses she's rocked lately. Maybe the "First Love" singer's essence is best expressed by a wild '90s style? If so we hope Fly Girl pants and giant hoop earrings are on deck next. 

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