Naya Rivera

Tiffany Rose/WireImage

Is it us or does Naya Rivera look like she's missing a tux jacket, conductor's baton, and pants?

Something about the "Sorry" singer's old-fashioned fashion is bringing back memories of that time our music teacher made us watch Amadeus. Though, Wolfgang would never step out of the boudoir in something so sexy. The question is, should this modern-day celeb?

We're on the fence, frankly. On the one hand, the blousy white look over those black mini shorts is unique. On the other hand, it's not wildly flattering. The see-through top is way too big. A shorter length would show off this triple threat's killer figure, while making the whole ensemble look less like it belongs on an old man standing in front of an orchestra.

We commend the FOX star for stepping out of her clothing comfort zone (that would be mini dresses and sexy jumpsuits), but unfortunately this outfit is a swing of the wand...and a miss. Agree or disagree?

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What's your take on Naya's ancient top?
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