Suki Waterhouse, Cara Delevingne

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images, Tom L. Phelan/GC Images

Shouldn't there be some rule against supermodels from the same country, with the exact same color hair, who frequently walk in the same high fashion shows, wearing the same exact suit?! You'd think Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse were on some kind of list where the house of Burberry knows to give one or the other a totally memorable look.

Unfortunately that's not the case, meaning these two colleagues are now in fierce competition, though Burberry benefits from all the extra press...

The only real differences here come down to overcoat and shoes. Bradley Cooper's main squeeze selected a cream cover that's adding some contrast to the maroon shine, but the whole thing just looks out of place. Why a jacket on top of a jacket? And why such a light color against the moody, sexy suit? Not only is Cara's simple approach better, but her simple footwear also wins out. The pointed pumps make a much better fit with the formal nature of the tux style. Suki's lace-ups are super cute, but much better with jeans or a casual skirt.

We say it's Cara without contest. What's your take?

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