Debra Messing

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Well this is a Fashion Police first. We've compared A-list dresses to couch fabric, lamp shades and bedspreads, but Debra Messing is officially our first celebrity chandelier!

We have a feeling she's not going to be so thrilled to receive the honor, but as far as we're concerned, you could swing this strapless from a ceiling in Versailles and no one would know the difference!

Not only is the bottom on this shortened ball gown way too big, but the pattern is crazy busy! We don't mind gold detailing on the red-headed Will & Grace star, but in this fabric it looks way too much like furniture. Unfortunately, the accessories don't do much to save the style.

Those chandelier earrings (there's a real theme here...) are total overkill, and the black, strappy sandals are way too much look for this look. Debra may look gorgeous and healthy with her slimmed down figure, but this style makes her look like the famous prop in Phantom of the Opera.

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