Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is presenting a tricky style situation. On the one hand, the Clear History star is wearing what appears to be a wall tapestry and a Sumo wrestler's t-shirt. But on the other hand, she kind of looks amazing!

Is the blonde beauty just the victim of slightly oversized clothing? Would a tighter top save this whole style? Or is the combo so bohemian that it's beyond our fashion understanding?

As far as we can tell those are either wide-legged island pants or some kind of wrap skirt made from a gorgeous piece of cloth. We doubt many celebs could pull off the style without looking like they're swimming in the fabric, but Kate's flowy figure is the perfect fit.

Regarding the giant, dark top. We'd prefer something lighter and tighter, but there's a relaxed, my-life-is-a-yoga-retreat spirit about the choice that kind of makes us jealous. Same goes for the John Lennon sunglasses and prayer bead necklace.

Messy as she may look, we kind of feel like if we followed Kate we'd end up in some kind of celebrity nirvana. What's your take?

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Is Kate looking slouchy or boho?
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