Jennifer Hudson

Chance Yeh/Getty Images

One of three things is going on with this surprising red carpet look on Jennifer Hudson:

1. The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete actress was running too late to slip into her actual dress. 

2. JHud didn't try on this gift from from a super sexy designer before it was too late to turn back on wearing it.

3. This Academy Award winner is super proud of her slimmed down body, and she's going to wear whatever it takes to flaunt that figure best.

As much as we love the idea of option #1 being the answer, we have a feeling the "Walk It Out" singer just felt like having some fashion fun. Apparently "fun" to her means an S&M costume, but we're not judging! Her curves are killing it, and most of her skin is technically covered. We'd swap those terrifying dominatrix boots out for a simpler bootie or pump, but we give the rest of this bold style a pass.

...Especially since we just learned that JHud ended her four year relationship with Weight Watchers. That might mean there's a fourth option in the mix: Jennifer Hudson is shoving her slammin' body in Weight Watchers face!

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