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    Who's Bringin' the Beer? Katie Holmes' Dress Has Two Built-In Cup Holders!

    Katie Holmes, Tribeca Film Festival Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

    You know how tricky it can be to manage a cocktail, plate of food and conversation while socializing at a fancy party? Well Katie Holmes and designer Zac Posen have come up with a genius solution: cup holder couture!

    No, this is not an SNL sketch (which is too bad because it would make a great one). The Days and Nights actress looks like she could truly balance a martini on each of the "holders" poking out from her slim hips...which would at least give some purpose to the otherwise totally awkward design.

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    Minus the mini hip wings, this wine-colored frock is gorgeous on the brunette beauty. We love the off-the-shoulder cut and deep color. Yes, it's a bit dark for spring, but apparently New York is late to the warm weather game anyway. 

    But once we get to the waist, it's a little too edgy for our tastes, literally. The structured look around the sides is just not flattering, even if they can hide a glass of wine or some bar nuts. It makes the bottom half of the dress look like it's fit for a much wider woman!

    Our bottom line: never add unnecessary inches around the hip or butt area, unless you really can sneak a drink in there to free up your hands for all those air hugs.

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